2019: Forty-Eight

It’s getting tougher and tougher to ignore the calling of Greek Yoghurt every day.

This is the fascinating thing about my college mess. Rather, the fascinating thing about the people who sell additional commodities at the mess in my University.

For some context, the way that meals work in my mess is that you pay a fee at the start of the academic year which takes care of all your food needs (4 meals a day) for the entire year. The quality of said mess food is disputed. I used to be super enthusiastic about it, then stopped caring, then hated it as it became lacklustre, and now I’m back to treating it indifferently and celebrating the days where it is excellent.

This disputed status of mess food means that students search for supplements. And while the healthiest option is to stock up on breakfast in your room and fruits, the commoners who are unwilling to control their desires (such as myself) succumb to the mess and the MPS to cater to our desires, including Cup Noodles and Chips and Chocolate of different varieties.

But the craziest part about both these stores is how they manufacture demand by stocking up on a new product. Nobody shows desire for these products before they arrive, but once they come, they’re sold out, and never to be seen.

I call this the Epigamia Phenomenon.

If foreign readers are reading this, Epigamia is a brand of flavoured Greek yoghurt that is incredibly delicious and very addicting. Basically, the University procured this for sale at our mess last semester sometime. And it was sold out within a day. Like half a fridge of Greek yoghurt was consumed by us. I don’t think this was particularly because everyone wanted Greek yoghurt specifically. Rather, I think we just needed distraction from yellow dal. And it worked.

Since that day, we’ve had an entire fridge dedicated to Greek Yoghurt and allied products.

This is true of several other commodities at the mess too. An example is Nutties.

Those things sell quicker than dosas on Sunday mornings.

And it’s the randomest flavours that sell. Like honey-banana. Which tastes terrible. But sells. Because it’s better than mess food.

And they make more money off us!

I need to learn how to resist Epigamia. Tomorrow shall be the first of many Greek yoghurt free days.



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