2019: Thirty

Today was a ridiculously cold day. I woke up at 6:45AM and felt a blast of chilly wind. It wasn’t pleasant, because I realized my torso was really warm and my legs were ridiculously hot but my face was cold – so I spent the next 15 minutes (till my roommate’s alarm rang) tossing and turning to ensure just the right amount of leg stuck out so it could feel the chilly wind. Then I covered it back because it was too cold and then ended up snuggling into my blanket because my head had no place that it could be at all. It was horribly traumatic as an experience.

But nothing came close to having to put on another layer of clothing. And make the decision to switch over to a sweater rather than a hoodie. That’s when I realized how cold the neck feels.

Obviously I’m making all this sound more dramatic that it really is because my grandmother reads this blog and it’s fun making her think it’s like the Arctic here. Or is the correct expression now that it’s like Chicago (I, of course refer to the polar vortex).

More tomorrow – the last day of the month! Wooohoo!


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