2019: Twenty-Nine

Today, I read a book that honestly opened up several emotional passages in my heart I did not know existed. I’ve reviewed it on my other blog (here). I’ll be honest, at first, I didn’t think I’d enjoy this book – the plot wasn’t something I thought was gripping. But boy, it took 3 hours of my day and turned them into the fastest three hours I’ve spent in a while. It’s books like these that make you sit up and think about the prejudices you hold toward books, and how although adages tell you not to judge books by covers, you do so sometimes anyways. Or rather that you judge them by the quality of the blurb on the back of the book, or on the basis of some random person’s opinion on the internet. Several of my friends received emotional messages from me describing how much I loved them after I read this book. If you would like one, do text me for compliments. Now is a good time.

The other thing that happened today was a personal failure. I wanted to do two things today. Wanted to solve my first crossword puzzle ever, and run. I missed doing both because I decided to nap in the afternoon – since there was too much wind entering my room and I wasn’t sure how else my body could respond. The sleep was great, but I woke up in the evening thinking I could have finished two goals of mine, and that felt strange. So of course, I bought myself cookies to make up for it. I’m telling you, I need a diet and some real control from sugar – I’m going to do this more strictly starting tomorrow. Let’s see how that plays out.

In other news, I’m waking up earlier than normal. Maybe that explains the afternoon napping as well. But waking up early has been good because I can make myself hot tea, drink it, read something, and go back to sleep feeling warm on the inside. That’s not a feeling I can describe too well, but it’s very, very snug.

I’m hoping I can do that crossword tomorrow. And I definitely need to run.


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