2019: Twenty-Four

I’ve just found out Vampire Weekend have released new music. The first person to speak to me about Vampire Weekend was actually my Vice/Co-Captain for the Venturers when I was in school. We didn’t really know each other when we were elected onto Council, and she was senior to me by one year. But one of the first things we bonded over was the fact that we liked “indie” music, and just kept sharing all the new music we came across. Around that time, they had released this fantastic song, Step, and it was absolutely all I could listen to. My love for them has grown ever since, and I’ve explored their music a fair amount. It’s moments like this, when new music comes out from an artist I have a very specific memory of, that I realize how much art is actually in the world, and how much art gets created every single day – and how close we each are to missing out on it completely.

In a span of 3.5 years, liking “indie” music has become culturally popular. Does this mean “indie” music is “pop” music? This is a real question worth pondering about.

In other news, I just finished another memorial submission for a moot court competition I’m participating in this year. That marks my fourth of Law school, and probably my last but one memorial submission. Which makes me oddly emotional. Memorial submissions and mooting brings out both the best, and the worst in people – I think. As with every team activity there is (there’s absolutely no reason to overstate this), but when you get so attached to a written submission that you feel in control of, it’s likely to spark some fire.

This submission was the first without one of my best friends. It’s weird, because the first time I met her I called her “Ma’am”. But I’ve argued two finals with her in my corner, and I’ve been fortunate to experience some of the best times in my Law school journey with her. Submitting a document I’ve poured my soul into felt a little incomplete without her – so I had to text her immediately. And she’s coming back for Convocation this weekend, which makes it a lot easier.

Literally all I can think about right now was how much people cried when we submitted our memorial last year – and the most teary-eyed photo I’ve taken with my teammates.

I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded with some great people each time I have participated in this activity. This time is no different. And one of the things I’m enjoying the most is that I have two teammates who are junior to me – the first time I’m getting that experience. There’s so much enthusiasm injected into the team as a consequence. And so much free Milo.

Finishing memorial submission feels fantastic. I wonder if every Court filing feels the same way.


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