2019: Twenty-Two

Did I wake up at 6:45AM today? Indeed, I did. With the extra time I had on my hands, I read, and then chose to go back to sleep. It was great. I also slept through a few lectures today, which is something I’m happy about. Waking up at 6:45 didn’t really change my life in any way, but maybe individual instances don’t really do that. I guess it’s the protracted lifestyle change of continuously waking up at 6:45, or early in the morning that starts to change the way you live your life – or something of the sort. Maybe I’ll try it again tomorrow morning.

Someone who I enjoy talking to once told me that University was this long process of figuring out what your priorities are – and how you treat trade-offs. Sometimes, the more I sit in class and choose actively not to do anything, the more I realize that statement’s truth.

Time in this semester has been flying by. I’m not sure where it’s all gone and how we’re almost close to finishing an entire month at University. It’s odd – I’m grateful for the speed, but I’m quite sure I’m spending my “good old days” at University. I’d like to just conclude this post by saying how lucky I am to be surrounded by the kind of people I spend time with on a daily basis.

I’ve been lucky the last three and a half years – which I don’t think is a mean feat at all. It’s tough to figure out whether or not you like spending time with someone and whether you like someone, they’re often two different things entirely. I’ve just been fortunate to see both those things overlap for me more often than not.



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