2019: Fifteen

Ah, we’ve reached my best friend’s birthday already. Which is strange – how quickly one year flies by. 365 days ago I was in the process of recovering from another memorial submission – the last one I would undertake with my moot-mate of three years, and the emotion that came with that definitely overwhelmed me. One year later, that feeling hasn’t changed. I know today, more than ever, that Law school as an experience would be thoroughly different had I not interacted with those seniors in my first year. All I hope for is that some juniors of mine feel that way about my batch when we leave – we’re a nice lot, if I do say so myself.

Not sure why I hope for it – but I think the validation will feel nice, I guess.

In either case, today is my best friend’s birthday. Who is my best friend, you ask? That term for me, is reserved for the friend I have had for the longest amount of time – who has literally seen me through all my phases. My friendship with him is indescribable, more often because as we’ve grown older, it’s become a friendship that’s so self-sustaining that a lot more is said through silence than through words.

We can spend days in each other’s company, and no time with him gets “boring”. We, in fact, just did our first video call today – the first in maybe, 3 years, and I didn’t really find myself wondering why we hadn’t done one before.

He’s one of two reasons I went to Boston. And I’m so happy I did, last April.

I’m glad I managed to surprise him in Bombay as well. The shock on his face was evident, the glee on mine, I’m sure was pretty outwardly too.

A happy 21st to a friend, and a friendship that technology has aided more than ever.


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