2019: Fourteen

My obsession with food and food shows has made a delightful re-entry into my life.

I think the most delightful part about this obsession is that it hits me when I’m in the hostel. It’s almost impossible to watch a food documentary at home. I can still watch series after series of Masterchef. But documentaries? Those are a no-no.

Speaking of Masterchef, I still remember that we didn’t watch episodes sometimes when my grandparents used to be over (and I was younger, hence, not a rebel), because we weren’t sure whether my grandmother would take me watching about how chicken and beef and pork were cooked very kindly. (Hello Ajji)

That episode still makes me chuckle.

It’s weird. It’s almost like being back at University, and having to eat hostel food means I crave better food automatically. It’s not even like mess food is that bad. It’s average, and is above average on some days. Some days it’s phenomenal. It’s just that it got really repetitive for me last semester.

It’s why I promised my mother I would not go out too much this semester. I can appreciate a good meal when I see one, and my mess does a fine enough job more often than not.

Let’s see how long all this willpower lasts.

Also, my roommate is back! So life should be a lot more entertaining in SF-59 here on out.


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