To me, aside from all the things you learn, professionally, at an internship, a key component of what makes an internship more enjoyable is the kind of people you meet and get to interact with. Coming into this break, I had had amazing co-interns at every single place I interned earlier. Individuals who were fun to hang out with at the workplace and outside of it. But here, I was a little skeptical. Aside from the interns from my University, and my flatmate, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Given the competitive nature of everyone at Law school, and some of the horror stories I had heard from others, I went into the internship with a mix of trepidation and excitement.

Everything faded away on day one.

I dined with fine gentlemen every single day of my internship. Considering we didn’t get to see each other during the rest of the day, that 30 minutes, and a WhatsApp group we had created, were the only interaction we had. And it was beautiful. We talked about such random things that we didn’t really get to know each other through the month. In fact, it was only on the last day of my internship that I realized one of them and I had an overlapping set of school friends because we were from the same city.

Which I think is pretty cool. The commonality of experience can give people so much to talk about apart from themselves, and so much to share.

Ultimately, though, what really bonded us is three loves: (1) cheap food, (2) pizza, (3) brownies. On the last day of our internship we headed out for a wild night of debauchery – eating 4 pizzas, having unlimited Coca Cola, and getting free food. Aside from tasting some extremely good Theobroma brownies – which I have craved every day since.

And we’ve kept in touch through the second internship month as well.

This extends to where I’m interning right now. My first week here was a blur because I was moving internships while submitting a memorial for my moot. Also, I was definitely under the assumption that I’d fit right in – given everything I had learnt from my previous internship. That assumption was flawed – because I didn’t account for the fact that I had to prove myself again and earn the rest of an entirely new set of colleagues. Having a co-intern who taught me the ways of the team, introduced me to hot chocolate, gossiped, and included me in a running gag really, really helped out.

So yup. Brand new friends all round, and a lot of fun. That’s been a highlight of the past month as well.

Let me know what you think!

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