I’ve previously spoken about how much I enjoy reading and everything. But what sucked was that over the course of the internship season – aside from not being able to find time to do the things I really wanted to do, like writing every single day, I ended up being out of the loop with my reading.

To the extent that the last book I read remains the book I finished just before my exams started at University – which I read so I could finish off my reading challenge for the year. It’s strange, I sort of knew this would happen when internship season rolled around, but I didn’t realize how disappointed I would be with myself when it actually happened.

And I guess it’s okay that I’m not reading books during this short time of heavy stress and massive changes to my schedule and lifestyle – but that’s the exact attitude which made me stop reading books back in the 10th Grade for a while, which I hated and had to work so hard to overcome once I came to University.

What sucks – and this is what I’m most ashamed of, was that I was unable to keep up with the news properly.

I think my levels of general awareness hit lows in the last month – where I was finding out about things post-facto, but a whole 24 hours later. I’d be 24 hours late to news that wasn’t gossip.

That frustrated me.

Which means that it’s something I’m going to work even harder on the next time I get this busy – which hopefully shouldn’t be for a while.

It wasn’t just the fact that I was late to news. It was also that it started to feel like my day-to-day happenings were a day later than everyone else’s day-to-day happenings. Which was pretty bad for me.


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