Hello! Good morning! Welcome! (Try to read this in three different Robin Williams’ exclamation tones – and you’ll understand the dramatic effect better.)

If you didn’t quite understand what I meant, don’t worry. I’m just trying to create dramatic effect and a build-up for (a) the flurry of activity that is going to consume this blog for the next few hours, and (b) your inbox – which, if you follow this blog, is going to end up receiving a lot of e-mails. My deepest sympathies, but warmest of regards. I fully intended the spam to come.

Speaking of spam, Gmail is doing some really wild things for me these days. My inbox is pretty much full – which is scary, because I live everyday on edge. I never know when I’ll stop receiving emails because the cup runneth over (literally). That’s one thing I need to fix. But more importantly, someone I sent e-mails to definitely marked my e-mail as spam. Because my e-mails reach people’s spam inboxes super frequently. It’s now become a running joke. Which is pretty unfunny, if you ask me. It’s something I am rallying the troops to try to correct.

I received my first piece of fanmail earlier in November – and because of how crazy things have been since then, I have been unable to respond. To said sender: I am very sorry – I am responding soon. Please check your spam for a reply – in case it isn’t available in your inbox directly.

What else, what else. Oh, yes. I’m 4 days away from going home. What you’re going to read henceforth is a vivid recounting/renarration of everything that I’ve been through emotionally for the last one month or more.

Good luck getting through everything! I’m so happy to be back here. Missed you folk.


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