Hello, readers of this blog. It’s been a long time – a month and more, now. That’s a fact I’m acutely aware of, but there’s not been much I could do about it. The last month has been a little crazy in my life. I know that isn’t an excuse to stop writing, but it got me to reprioritize and reshuffle a couple of things around. Writing, unfortunately, dropped to a little lower on the list – so by the time I ended up getting around to it each day, I drafted things and trashed them.

There’s a lot to say, because while I stopped updating you here, my life (surprise, surprise) hasn’t come to a standstill. I do actually still intend to chronicle everything I’ve done. It’s just a matter of time before it actually happens. Stick around and we’ll get there.

In the meanwhile, I’ve now come to visit my grandmother in Pune. What needs to be said is that several things might have transpired since my last visit here, and a lot has changed, but the gulab jamuns my grandmother makes still taste as delicious as ever.


Let me know what you think!

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