I miss my beanbag.

I think I will struggle to explain the comfort of having your bum sink into something soft and comfortable, which wraps around your entire backside and offers enough structural integrity for you to shuffle around without ruining your posture, but offers enough comfort for you to sit on it with your laptop without sweating. Wow.

The captain has just announced that we’re cruising at some 36,000 feet. I’m proud of him. And I’m proud of the fact that design has created comfortable airline seats. But to be honest, all I can think about right now, is what life would be like if we all had beanbags to sit on everywhere.

I feel like half the reason adults who work are pissed off is because they aren’t comfortable with how they’re sitting. The other half of the problem could potentially be that they aren’t comfortable or happy with what they’re doing when they’re sitting. But a large amount of adult office work involves sitting, so maybe having beanbags would make everyone happier.

Atleast I think so.

My beanbag is this dark blue piece of furniture that I wish I could carry with me wherever I went in the world.

I miss it most when I’m at college, because no chair will ever come close, but also because my bed does not provide the same amount of comfort while I put my legs in an “n” shape, so to speak.

I don’t know how better to describe the act of folding your legs so your thigh and your calves are basically touching each other, but they aren’t and they’re distant enough for you to be at maximum comfort.

I’m going to take that beanbag with me if I can when I move out of University.


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