I call this piece, “Alarms”

These distasteful things blare out each morning,


With the worst possible tone,

And the loudest possible volume,

Instead of reminding you that it’s the beginning of a fresh day,

These annoying sounds are merely reminders that you’re still tired,

And the worst part,

Is that you set them 5 minutes apart.

Oh – dumb, innocent you,

You, who thinks that the extra 5 minutes of “snoozing” will make a difference to your energy levels,

You, who thinks that the bathroom stalls will be empty even if you wake up a little later.

And as they ring,

You groggily reach out to slide, tap, or shut,

Making a mental note to set fewer alarms,

To pick a better alarm tone,

But as your day comes to a close,

You have forgotten,

And the relentless cycle continues 24 hours later.


Let me know what you think!

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