You know what I absolutely adore about exam-time? Multiple things.

Granted, this makes me sound like the biggest nerd there is (which is not entirely untrue, and something I view as a part of my personality), but bear with me.

Exam time marks the peak of batch unity. Every single soul is confused about portions, and therefore, requesting for clarifications on the batch group. And constantly receiving messages responding to each query, in detail. This, for me, represents the beauty of collective learning, but also, tells me (1) how easily distracted we all are by our phones – because the minute someone posts on the batch group, there’s definitely 180 people checking phones, irrespective of what they’re doing at the time, but also (2) how there’s always going to be some level of reassurance you can get from your batch about how clueless you are. That everything is going to be okay.

You will also notice that during exam time, the batch group becomes a place where people discuss answers to questions they’re not sure about, or even about the past paper that was set. There’s also a mass collaboration to rage against unfair exams after the exam has been taken (which never yields in results), but the raging is fun nonetheless. This means that (1) there is always someone to help you clear your last-minute doubts, and literally, will answer till 9:55 when the exam starts at 10, but also (2) that misery is collectively experienced. You may have had a relatively better paper, but if everyone is complaining, you will join in and agree. It’s nice.

People are also kinder to each other during exams. Even at the mess, fewer people cut line, people request before interjecting. The toilets are cleaner! (which is my favourite thing), because nobody wants to piss off other human beings around them by forgetting to flush, or grossly overestimating their skill of accurately hitting targets. I’m amazed by these changes. Less music gets played on speakers, more people wear headphones.

People exchange concerned looks when they notice eyebags, and check up on each other more frequently. It’s heartwarming.

You can wake up at any time of the day and go brush your teeth, and nobody will bat an eye, because they all know you haven’t slept peacefully for a while.

Red Bull sales skyrocket, as does revenue collected through the sale of snacks or junk food. People mass buy stationery. People also weed out pencilcases they haven’t used for 6 months for this sole purpose. Exams.

But, my absolute favourite thing (apart from toilets)?

I get to stay in my room for however long I want and nap literally whenever.

It’s mind-blowing.

Though, whether I exercise that option or not is another question entirely.


Let me know what you think!

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