All I’m thinking about at the moment is what my next two months looks like. I’m not particularly pleased about the fact that my brain appears to be living two months ahead of the present. It means I’m spending more time calculating things and speculating about future behaviour than just enjoying the fact that I’m still in college.

It’s not that I’m not excited about going to Bombay. I’m pretty excited and quite eager – I’ll be living with my friends for two months, working, and in a city I’ve always wanted to explore more – especially after my visit there in March 2017.

It’s just that my brain is on auto-pilot about the end of the year (which is almost here!), and not entirely committed to my present. I’m not too pleased about that.

Especially considering that I have several things I should be doing at the moment – none of which involve this blog, or the next two months of internship work.

I should probably get cracking on those.


Let me know what you think!

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