I’ve recently rediscovered a game from my childhood on this website called Miniclip.com, and it’s taking up way more time of mine than it should.

When I was younger, Miniclip was that guilty pleasure you never admitted to anyone, but you knew everyone enjoyed playing anyway. You can’t really describe what the website looked like all those years ago – it didn’t have a membership or a login system, so you weren’t even playing for points. You were just playing.

In an era that MMORPG’s and playing RuneScape or ClubPenguin, or AdventureQuest dominated most of why my generation utilized the internet, Miniclip guaranteed you hours of entertainment when you weren’t playing with your friends. It was something you could play alone. Where you determined what made you happiest.

Miniclip was a safe haven. It’s probably why I still enjoy gaming there so much.



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