It’s been one full year since I embarked on a journey which brought me to an empty campus in Gandhinagar, took me to Delhi numerous times, made me see Chennai, and then ultimately gave me the opportunity to visit the United States of America and eat New York slice pizza.

I’m uncertain how to feel about it. One year passed by really quickly, and when I was working on the problem, I don’t think I realized how much of my time it was actually taking up. Since I’ve been (relatively) free from the start of this semester, it’s provided a lot of time for me to contemplate about how I can spend my time in different ways. It’s also given me time to think about the kind of activities I want to prioritize.

The problem, is, however, that when you lose track of how much time you invested in one project, sometimes it becomes difficult to estimate how much time you have to “work” in a particular day, and how much time you really need to take for yourself. I’ve made that error in judgement numerous times over this semester, and the corrective mechanism has led to me sleeping in class to catch up on some personal time.

But, anyway, coming back to the journey of a lifetime.

The reason I’m uncertain how to feel about it is because I look back on it with so much fondness and happiness, that I sometimes wonder whether there will be another activity in the future that will give me so much joy. I know I can’t look into the long-term future, but I think last year was something I enjoyed so much, that I’m going to strive to find that kind of happiness in everything I do.

That could end up very negatively, I feel – because I’ll end up continuously comparing how happy I am at any given point of time to that very high standard. To avoid that, I think I’m going to be more conscious and more grateful for the small things I do on a regular basis that bring me happiness.

To another year of madness, that the 2019 mooting season will bring me.



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