Sometimes I wonder how people get excited about change and experiencing new things. I mean, I’m like that too. But I wonder how it happens. What excites our brains about new experiences that routine is unable to fulfill? What void in our lives does change actually end up filling? And why is it that some people are excited about it, and some people are scared?

This abstraction comes from the fact that I am doing two internships in an unfamiliar city, and I do not yet have a place to stay in said city. But I will figure it out.

Personally, I think I get excited by new experiences mostly when they involve food and books, and travel. Being able to experience the vibe a new place gives off, or the possibility of having an adventure is something that I cherish.

But I’m also one of these people who likes having these adventures planned out. Which is a little contradictory, but eh. What can I do? That’s just who I am.


Let me know what you think!

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