I think picking toiletries is the toughest task any male has to undertake. Scratch that. Any person.

I go into the store and I am perplexed at all the choices. There are too many choices. Today, I had to pick shampoo, soap, and toothpaste. Standard. 5 minute job.

But exam time. So naturally I wanted to waste more time in the store.

So I looked through all the options once. First round done. I turned away and got distracted by Oreos.

I consumed the Oreos, but it was the Oreos that consumed my memory. I had no memory of all the options I had. So I gave it a once-over. Second round done. This felt like exam revision only.

Then I decided to segregate. Shampoo first. Some 50 varieties they had, okay? And different sizes also. How am I supposed to predict how much shampoo I will use? Why so many sizes in the hostel store? No need.

So I decided to buy a big bottle. And decided to buy one according to hair type: normal. (my hair is dry but I’m too embarrassed to admit that to myself.) Sadly, that reduced the number of options to 40.

I was tired.

So I decided to choose soap.

Soap also some 50 variants they had. First I had to figure out if I wanted bar soap or body wash. Then I had to figure out scent that I wanted. Then I had to figure out if I had brand preference, or “skin type” preference.

Too much work.

So I decided to choose toothpaste.

See this was easy. They had Patanjali and Colgate. I have brand loyalty. So I picked Colgate. That too some Salt thing. Yum.

This soap and shampoo thing was a conundrum.

I walked out with the cheapest things in the shop so now I have Kesh Kanti shampoo and Sandalwood Soap.

I am going to smell like sanskaar for one month.

Watch out Gujarat. Mosranna is no longer NRI.


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