The most amount of physical activity I do during exams is walking to the washroom.

That is incredibly, incredibly sad. Wow.

Just think about that for a minute. Let me paint you the picture.

My physical exercise during examinations is realizing I need to pee, walking 50 metres to the toilet, peeing and walking 50 metres back. Maybe, 10 times a day?

That’s 1 kilometre covered in walking to the toilet guys.

I walk 600 metres to go write my exam and come back.

And 400 metres at most, per meal.

It appears that the importance of the washroom in my life can no longer be understated. Today, it provides me relief, an arena for me to do my vocal exercises and tune my baritone, and the opportunity to shed calories (in more ways than one).

Man, juvenile humour is the best.

Mosaranna out.


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