I love how diverse people are, because it means that there’s always something to learn from the people you interact with. Subjectivity can be a beautiful thing, and a cause for a lot of overthinking and analysis – especially if you don’t enjoy irritating people (generally speaking), but you end up realizing how differently people respond to different situations, and I think that’s phenomenal.

Wow, that was a very long sentence.

My friendships with people develop so distinctly from each other. Meeting new people, for me, is such a unique experience, and I’m so privileged to be in a position that allows me to continually get that feeling.

Aside from all the gossip one can offer, the distinctive circumstances in which every individual develops means that there is constantly something to pick up from the people around you.

I find that pretty amazing.

I also find it really, really cool that friendships are so different from each other. You could have a friend that you sit with in silence, or one that you’re continuously talking to. You could have friends who share the same experiences as you, or friends who are vastly different in their tastes and expectations.

You could also be one of those people who enjoys their own company so much, it’s immaterial to you how many people are around you – I know I’m sometimes one of those.

All of this just makes me gasp in awe. I’m not entirely sure why.



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