My sleep cycle has gone for a complete toss, but that means that I have more waking hours to think about things I want to rant on and ramble about on this blog.

It’s pretty strange that society becomes a barometer for things that you want to do after a while. That’s a loaded statement, so I’ll take a bit to explain what my brain is thinking right now. People come to a place like University with very very different ambitions: some are here with defined, tangible goals, for example, and some come along for the ride. University’s one of those places people come to figure out what they want to do (which is also overrated), but to enjoy themselves and spend time with things they enjoy.
A lot of this is driven by a person’s background.

Somehow, though, University culture is very very good at streamlining everyone’s ambition to ultimately be the same thing. I don’t think that’s exclusively blame that lays on students, but considering I’m only a student right now, what I think is that as people, we’re very judgmental of people who are different from us/come with a different set of goals. I could be one of these people too – I’m not going to deny that I do judge people. But I’m wondering to what extent that impacts them.

For a lot of people it becomes difficult, in a sense, to fit in, when you’re thinking of doing different things post University. And while University is great place to figure out exactly what you want to do, it’s also an excellent environment to destroy your dreams and tell you that what you want to do is far too different from the course you’re studying.

It makes it seem like your life is just restricted to this University campus and to everything you do within this University/related to the thing you’re studying.

That’s when it’s important to remember you’re a person outside of this identity college crowd has cast on you. It’s why taking a lot of time off is important, and it’s important to remember you have a life left after you exit college as well. If you don’t figure things out now, you’ll figure things out eventually. And if you don’t, do your own thing man. Do things that make you happy.

I know this sounds really preachy but I’m quite disgruntled with how much pressure my juniors take. I don’t remember feeling so pressurized in my junior years. Remember to breathe, kids. You still have a long time left at University and this place can crush you if you take too much pressure.

Be your own person and do your own thing. Life’s way too short to ascribe to someone else’s measure of happiness or success.

I think I’m done preaching.

My sleep cycle really needs to get back on track, I have exams in 4 days.

Also hey! This is my 250th post on this blog. Who would’ve thought.


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