Being unwell sucks for a multiplicity of reasons. This post will chronicle my meeting with the cold-monster, the taker of my voice and the giver of sleep.

My first interaction with the cold monster this season happened a week ago.  He took away my voice instantly. Then he put me to sleep for 11 hours – I literally slept at 11:30 one night, which is super uncharacteristic of me.

Why being unwell sucks is because you end up hearing advice you’re already well aware of. Wear warm clothes, drink warm water, avoid sour things, avoid cold things, sleep a lot, try to attend classes even though you’re sick.

It’s frustrating – largely because you end up undermining your ability to take care of yourself. Questioning your ability to take care of your health is tough.

It makes you do things like begin to love green tea.

That’s what thinking can do. I’m literally drinking hot green tea as I type this – the stuff is amazing.

Also, it can recalibrate your taste buds so far, that you begin to dislike the taste of cold water – something that took you a whole semester to acquire.

Worse, it makes you hate sugar, and love honey.

I now possess, in my room, 2 squeezey honey bottles, and 3 boxes of green tea.

The other thing that annoys me about being unwell is that you feel really lethargic. Every part of your body wants to sleep, but you need to will yourself to get up and get things done.

Then there’s the weather.

It’s pretty bad.

The only silver lining is that you begin to appreciate things like health a lot more. And you consider making incremental changes to your lifestyle to be more “healthy”.


Let me know what you think!

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