The problem with trying to do something everyday is that if you decide to skip things, you end up skipping things repeatedly, telling yourself you can get back to it tomorrow. This, ladies and gentlemen who find the time to read this blog, is known as procrastination, and it’s how I’ve found myself being 10 posts behind. The toughest part about this is that I’ve had to come up with 10 distinct ideas to reel off blogposts in one night. So, you’re in for quite the ride.

I personally think that’s the biggest problem with planning. You miss one thing and everything ends up going for a toss. Over the past couple of years, I’ve ended up relying on Google Keep to track the things I’m desirous of doing on a particular day. It’s a part of the daily routine – get up, bathe, take 5 minutes to figure out how I plan to spend my day.

And then end up getting sidetracked by something or the other and incorrectly prioritizing things.

I think that’s the hardest/most annoying thing about planning daily life. Something always ends up getting added and it’s really difficult to finish stuff that you want to and manage a solid sleep cycle.

Probably will reconsider the whole planning thing at some point. But that isn’t for now. Keep, in fact, is what has helped me figure out I was 10 posts behind.



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