I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to write.

I literally just woke up with this one question in my head, and I was staring at 3 red dots – because my extension cable/surge protector has these indicator lights, and they were super-duper blurry. So naturally I swatted at them.

The lights did not disappear, but my brain did wake up properly.

Coming back to what made me get up.

Do you ever wonder how it is we came to a position where you need to figure out who you’re not before you figure out who you are? Like, over the course of the years I have spent figuring out my likes and my dislikes, it’s happened over time in such a way that I’ve had to figure out that I naturally dislike things that maybe some others might like. And that just because others like a particular thing, that doesn’t mean I need to like it too.

Society sort of puts pressure on you to behave a certain way, or have a certain type. And it’s super weird, but this mentality forces you to figure out the kind of person you never want to become. Which ultimately helps you figure out the kind of person you want to be, and how you can get there.

As I type this, I realize these thoughts are not supremely profound.

For example, it is completely possible for someone to figure out who they are by finding the characteristics in other individuals that they enjoy seeing, or the characteristics of another individual that they can relate to.

My thoughts at 2AM in the morning are wildly incoherent.

Much like my brain. Which coerced my hand into swatting at indicator lights in the darkness.

I will return to my slumber. Class starts late tomorrow morning. GNLU sometimes gives you the best surprises.



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