If there’s one thing I can say with absolute certainty, it’s that when weather changes roll around, I will fall ill. I even tried Chywanprash – regularly, that too, last year. But that hasn’t seemed to creep it’s way into strengthening my immunity.

One July/August day, you guys, I will be unafflicted by a throatache that burns the inner linings and makes my voice deeper than the regular deep, and my screams hit the pitch of a cow mooing while running away.

There are stages of colds, y’know? You can describe these stages as runny, solid, one nostril clear, and both clear. Your breath, ordinarily at the temperature of the air around you, goes from cold, to HOT, to matching the temperature of the air around you, and that’s when you know you’re okay.

I, however, describe the stages of being unwell based on the clothing I wear. There’s “normal”, which is when I’m not yet affected, to the point that I start feeling a small throat itch, to “okay lazy shorts” to where I need to be in super comfortable shorts and an oversized t-shirt, to “time for PJs” because there is nothing else that can make you feel warm.

But, this is Gujarat. Hence, this evening, when my cold hit peak PJ time, I had a very important decision to make. Do I choose to subject my body to Gujarat humidity and wear PJs where I sweat through the night? Or do I wear comfy shorts?

I have ended up, friends, wearing a shirt I can proudly snot on without worry and PJs which are so comfortable, you will wish you had an overall of this kind.

If you ever come across checked patterns on male pyjamas, you should feel the fabric. Oh wow, the fabric of these checked patterned clothes, man. Gentle to the skin, and elastic on the waist. Man, that’s a double whammy.

Added to this, I have discovered a new show I might be borderline hooked on to.

AND, I have moved my bed to the wall.

Will I wake up for class tomorrow?

Tune in to find out.

Let me know what you think!

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