Things that remind me of home include beanbags, texture painted walls, and the smell of Comfort fabric conditioner.

Having unpacked the day I arrived, I vowed to myself not to use any of my freshly laundered clothes until I absolutely needed to. I wanted to exhaust the clothes I had left behind on campus, and some stuff I carried from Bangalore before actually wearing clothes that had been in the washing machine in Dubai.

I recognize that the above paragraph oozes “luxury” and “privilege”. I’m well aware.

But the purpose behind that promise was to prolong the scent of Comfort in my cupboard, hoping it would waft it’s way to other clothing items (I’ve been let down by Science once more).

The promise lasted all of 10 days.

I had to slip into these incredibly comfort-able shorts (hahahaha pun), and as I did, my mind traveled a few kilometres to the couch I lounged on at my parents house. While it was far too small to occupy the giant I have become (both in width and in length), I stuck my legs out and slithered my head to rest in what has to be the most comfortable sleeping position.

It was too tempting.

So tempting, that I slept for an hour in the afternoon I was meant to depart for Ahmedabad, without any sense of the packing I had left myself to do.


The smell of Comfort reminds me of home. If you’re looking to buy me a present, please send across some fabric conditioner.

Thanks in advance.



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