If my Math is correct, I could have a productive year of writing still.

I’ve had a strange day. Classes were swell, but I zoned out during class for 5 minutes and was bombarded with intriguing thoughts. I reckon having a little time off can change the amounts you think about things a fair amount. Being alone with your thoughts in a silent classroom is crazy. I’m going to try to avoid that. Maybe just “not” zoning out will help. We shall find out.

I’m being a bit lazy I feel. There’s a couple of things that I have to do but I’m procrastinating them badly. I am, however, enjoying the World Cup like it’s nobody’s business, and managing to read a lot. That’s nice.

On campus, there’s not much to report, really. The power shut off for about 30 minutes in the boys hostel – which means boredom, naturally hit its peaks. I think it’s also the first time my neighbours actually came over to interact with me.

That’s about it. At some point I’m hoping I get to write stuff that’s more engaging. For now I’m going to enjoy England v. Colombia. And then get to work. For a while. Maybe.

Curdrice out.



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