Summertime Madness

“Oh oh”

I’m hoping readers of this blog are well-versed with Lana Del Rey’s music. If not, my reference lyrics may be viewed here.

Poor humour aside. I’ve had a pretty good break away from University. Away from most things, to be honest. I decided actively to stay away from everything I had considered “routine” at college, because I wanted a proper break from what my life is like in Gujarat. Finished up an internship in Bangalore, spent some time with really good friends, made some new ones, and ate a lot of great food.

Headed to Dubai, met my best friend, chilled with new friends, and of course, spent tons of time with the family. Haven’t been able to actively spend time with them over the last year since I was a bit preoccupied with a competition I was working on, so this was quite swell. What made me very happy was that I made them both laugh multiple times over the course of this trip. There’s some simple joy right there.

I’m back in Khakhraland, and, well, not much has changed. Except for that fact that for the next one month I’m the senior-most person on campus. Which is,  new, to say the least. Never thought I’d feel more senior than I did back in 12th. It also means people are now familiar with my presence – the Security Guards around campus, several mess staff. It’s nice. Talking to them is always a pleasure.

My first day of class was not terrible at all. From what I had heard I kept expectations at the minimum, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was awake through all lectures, and had pages filled with notes at the end of every single one of them. Naturally I have created judgments about each professor, but I shall let those pass for the time being. It’s only my first week. Everyone deserves a chance to show their true colours.

Maybe they’ve made judgments about me too. I wonder if they know my name, hmm.

Aside from that, college appears to have switched to an online attendance tracker. Which is also weird. I’m undecided on how I feel, so you’re likely to receive a large post about this attendance thing when I make up my mind. Here’s your warning.

Another quick bit about summer though, I managed to catch up to reading pace and I’m now 2 books ahead of schedule. Lots of blog reading about books helped. I plan to do statistical breakdown of my reading too. If you’re ever intrigued, please do check out Pages With Tejas, my book blog thing.

In a befuddling series of events I went to the gym for 15 days. It felt nice, so I’ve signed up for a gym close to campus. If that’s something I can change about myself this semester, I’d be happier. Please put prayers that I don’t feel lazy.

Goals for the semester: Read. Write. Gym. Sleep. Write. Draw. Music. Repeat.

Considering doing some volunteering work close by as well.

I’m hoping I can write everyday again. I’ve missed it.

I’ve also missed you, my 5 readers (hi Amma, Appa, Ajjis and Tata). If there’s anyone else reading, hello to you. And welcome.

Good luck surviving my brain.


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