2017 In Review: 9/10

Let Off Some Steam

Work is where I find the most comfort, the most pleasure, and the most joy. It’s numbing, almost, to think that I’m typing this. But it’s truly where I am the happiest – finding a task that has a deadline, remotely connected to something I enjoy, and working away at it while putting in my best.

I figured this out late, but I was always a busy bee at school. If there PODs to do, House Meetings to organize, or something to participate in, I enrolled without a care. I’d check if my friends were participating only much later. Social prejudices rarely affected me. What also helped was that my parents were responsible for signing me up for things, so a lot of stuff was “do as directed” – including piano classes, UCMAS, and karate.

In comparison to several others, I woke up on weekends the same time that I used to wake up for school, and play “sports” for 4 hours. Then I’d go home and study. I think my parents just found it easier to deal with me when I was continuously occupied, because maybe I slept better when I was tired every single day.

That continued on to college, and I just kept grabbing at every opportunity that interested me, without a lot of care for how much time I got for myself. While it helped that I found time to do things I wanted to do, I still considered that “working on myself” for the longest time.

In March though, I slept for a week. Didn’t do anything post classes. That was blissful.

And that’s been a huge takeaway this year. That sometimes, beyond all else, it’s important to let off the steam & sleep a little. Prioritizing sleep is the greatest thing you can teach yourself.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

(I say this at 3AM, when it is work that is keeping me up.)


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