2017 In Review: 8/10

Try New Things

I made it a personal goal to try doing things I really wanted to, but was nervous of succeeding at. Just for the fun of it. I’m actually obsessive about doing well in projects that I choose to take up, so this was against my instinct. But it was super exciting.

I tried Global Poetry Writing Month back in March or in April (I can’t quite remember), and that was very enjoyable because it provided fresh challenges every single day. On days where I was too lazy to write poetry, I’d end up resorting to Haiku. Poetry has never been something I’ve excelled at writing – I enjoy reading poetry a lot more. But writing it was a creative challenge that my brain really took to, and I’ve signed up for Airplane Poetry Movement’s 100 Poem Challenge for 2018. Let’s see how that works out.

The other really cool thing I decided to try out was inktober. Last year, a very close friend of mine did some amazing things with art, and I was very curious about how tough it would be to draw stuff out. As I’ve explained, I’m a terrible artist, so I decided I’d limit myself to stick figures. When I saw the prompts, I recounted lots of puns I had heard of, and came up with some too. So the other limitation I placed upon myself was to try drawing puns daily. This was probably also prompted by 3000’s recommendation of webtoons – I got hooked onto those as well. So, maybe that helped me illustrate a little. I drew out stuff with a ball point pen every single day, even during exams. I don’t think I’ll draw that consistently again, but taking up inktober next year doesn’t sound like an idea I’m scared of any longer.

These are two of the things I was really skeptical about trying, but I’m glad I did. There are new experiences everywhere, and I guess they’re just waiting to be seized.

Can’t wait for more of that in 2018.


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