Beach, Baby

Some of my fondest childhood memories come from the association I have had with the beach. As a kid, my parents used to take me to Mamzar and I’d slowly waddle to the edge of the water, letting out high-pitched screams each time the sand slipped away from below my feet. When the water touched my skin, I remember freaking out at how cold it was, but also, I can recall, that as I grew older, the same cold water brought a massive smile to my face.

I always imagine the worst outcome possible – before having to adjust my brain and the frame in which I’m thinking to what realities actually are. The problem with that, was that every single time my father asked me to turn my back to the water – so he could click a photograph, I’d panic and imagine myself falling because my feet weren’t sturdy enough. To prevent that, I’d use my small toes to dig up holes in the sand in which I’d bury my feet, so I could stand, rooted to the spot.

Other incredible fun times were school trips to the beach. My Grade 1 Class got to go party at the beach one day, and all I wanted was one of those buckets with a sandcastle shape already made for me. Instead, I got a Green Shovel and a Yellow Rake, which I used to create a race-track in the sand for the Hot Wheels cars my friends & I had carried along.

Since we’ve relocated to India, I’ve barely had any exposure to beaches. The last beach I remember seeing with my parents was Bentota, in Sri Lanka. But the last beach I actually saw, was Pondicherry, with my friends. That was 2 and a 1/2 years ago.

I didn’t realize what I had missed out on till I stood on the beach again today. We reached just as the sun set, and in the fading light, managed to capture a few photos. I dropped my sandals and waded in toward the water. And each time water rose to the shore, I couldn’t help but appreciate how the gravitational forces of the moon were increasing the force with which the water approached my legs. But more importantly, I kept seeing this one still photograph of me as a baby, playing back in my head.

Damn right I’m cool.



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