Thoughts at the Middle

I’m halfway through Law school.

That calls for The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World.

It’s precisely what the journey has been so far. A lot of enjoyable moments, a couple of instances of self-doubt, and having fun through them both.

Last semester was a semester more personal than previous ones. I spent a lot of time on myself, on my reading and my writing, and other goals I had at the start of the year. It’s something I had to push myself to do, and I did feel guilt at the work I missed out on, but, I’m getting to a position where I’m comfortable with balancing personal goals with things I really want to do and opportunities I want to take.

Here’s to 2.5 years more.

Also, I think I’m going to try writing fiction soon. Let’s see how that pans out. I hope you like the music.

Curd rice out.



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