My seniors have now reached their final few days being a student on this campus, and that evokes a couple of questions from me, their junior. This piece attempts to capture those emotions.

As I interact with people from outgoing batches, the first thing that hits me is whether they realize, at the time, that they’ve spent a total of five years in one place. Heck, a lot of people haven’t lived in one city for five years before college. This place becomes home. Does that realization hit? Do you ignore it to prevent sentimental attachment? I remember that around this time last year, I went down to the first floor (where my fifth years resided), and looted their rooms as they packed up (with their consent, of course). I found treasures: books from their second year, outdated Bare Acts, notes which would come in handy, and iron that was passed out from one fifth year, to one first year, to another (therefore spending a total of 10 years in the University already). It’s insane how nostalgic this entire thing can make you feel.

Do flaws in this place become bigger? If so, do you possess ability/say to correct those, or suggest corrections? As permanent (temporary) residents of the campus, do flaws of this place become bigger, or do you start feeling attached to everything?

And lastly, do you feel regret? While this is extremely subjective, and I understand that, a lot of people have told me things they regret: not writing enough, writing too much, going crazy for no reason. Are these regrets make-believe? Or does time go so fast that you forget what you came here for?

And lastly,

Are my questions putting you into existential dread?

If so, I apologize.

But, I’m three years away from a final day as a student in this University, and if my next three years are any similar to what this year has presented, I will be wailing as I leave. I’m already so attached to such small things in this place.


Let me know what you think!

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