The problem with the snooze button is in its existence. I blame my inability to wake up on time solely on its presence in the Alarm function on my phone. The fact that I am aware of its function means that I tap on it – and my snooze function is set to 4 minutes, but in my state of half-awakedness, I possess the marvelous ability to reset the snooze time to 2 hours. It’s excellent.

Yes, I am aware that there are applications which have an ability to override the snooze, and ban you from using it. In my sleepy stupor, I am a formidable foe. Nothing stops me. I uninstall the application and nod off to sleep.

My parents can call me to wake me up, but I speak to them properly and go back to sleep. It’s beautiful.

I hate it.

I’ve tried everything – solving Math problems when I wake up, having to walk around to scan a barcode, having to walk outside my room to take a particular photo. I accomplish those tasks and wander back to dawdle on my bed.

It appears like the only solution available on hand is the bane of my existence: a scheduled 8-hour sleep at night that leaves me feeling fresh when I wake up.





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