GloPoWriMo 7/30

I’ve been away debating for the last two days so I’ve written down my poems in a book, but forgotten to post them. Here’s me playing catch up.

As I cycle,
What becomes clear to me is that life slows down
When you are in motion,
And that is a counterintuitive statement I must explain.

As I pedal away,
My wheels revolving and covering meters of tar,
And dust,
My brain fades to black,

Nothing except:
The winding trail in front of me,
And the privilege of breathing clear air.

Life slows down,
Because as I turn through corners,
I pretend to be a MotoGP rider:
Leaning and collecting the wind as I drive past,

Allowing me to reflect on my life’s ambitions,
And every turn that landed me where I am today.


Let me know what you think!

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