GloPoWriMo 6/30

Today’s prompt: Steps to Build a Human Being

Sugar, spice and everything nice,
Were the ingredients Professor tried to use to create his “perfect little girls”,
But in today’s unflinching, unapologetic, brutal world,
“Perfect” is a misnomer for a human being.

Insert a little emotion,
A little madness: a quirk that makes them unique,
For when they feel the embers of their flame dying

Insert in them acceptance and empathy,
And humility: to mean they are sorry when they say the empty word repeatedly,

Instill in them the ability to understand,
The willingness to learn,
And a ridiculous sense of humour,
For in bleak times, the sound of laughter will guide them back to sure.

Tell them to love unconditionally and be stupid,
But don’t explain why:
For only experience will teach them survival.


Let me know what you think!

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