Today I passed out and missed all my classes. I slept at 2.10AM last night, after some debate practice, and then woke up this afternoon at 1.30PM – in a daze, with the fan switched off, and confused about where my last 12 hours or so went. I imagine this is what a black-out or a hangover feels like. My drug, or addiction, in this case, was work. 😛

Post-Udaipur, I ran around and did a lot of stuff in the afternoon we returned to campus, which meant I was exhausted – having barely slept on the trip. I can’t describe to you how sound my sleep was.

The panic that followed waking up was torturous. I’ve bunked several classes this semester already – for Committee Work & Moot Work, so my attendance is borderline regret. Adding another day to the column was a frightful experience. Legitimately cannot afford more meaningless bunks this semester.

I laughed it off though. My mom laughed on the phone because she could imagine me asleep and unresponsive I presume. I gave her hell through my study holidays, because I slept late & never woke up on-time to start my studying for the next day. Once you’re a night owl, it’s a little difficult to change your body orientation.

The easy solution is not to be a night-owl or an early riser. Be an efficient worker and manage 8 hours of solid sleep every night.

But what’s the fun in that?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran’s new album, and I can’t get over how fantastic it is. I love the transition between songs, and it’s got a very 2008/09 vibe to it – that period was when I really, really got into music, so I find it very nice & relatable, in a strange way.

What else about today?

Oh yes.

I found work! After about a month of being relatively free-ish, I’ve managed to find myself a string of work and a bunch of deadlines again. The wind seems to be more breezy, the sun seems brighter and I feel each breath passing through my body. I also imagine this is what love is like. What has college done to me? Love is work is love now.

Ahh! Save me.

I’ll be in Mumbai this weekend. If anyone is interested/free to meet up, please reach out.

P.S.: Reach out if you know cheap pizza joints also.




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