I was the gracious recipient of warm water today. It was great.

Today’s been a day of reflection, since 8AM.

I have a theory about how hostels work, specific to hostel bathrooms. In a shared washroom situation, there’s a window of 5-7 minutes before the washroom gets extremely crowded before class. This is because (a) people are inherently lazy, and (b) it is cold outside, which makes you want to lie cozy in your comforter. Therefore, even if you set an alarm for 8AM for a 9AM lecture, you will wake up only by 8:10AM. But that’s too late. Every stall is claimed, because a bucket and a towel have been left there, and no place in the washroom to brush your teeth. You’ll queue up and hope for the best, and in your head, think about how your stomach will grumble at midday because you had to skip breakfast.

This theory applies to the full group, and not individuals. Hence, everyone’s window of opportunity begins at 8AM, and last until 8:10AM. 8:07AM is when you reach danger zone, because the probability of you getting a stall is now dependent on three factors: (a) the distance between your hostel room and the washroom, (b) the speed in your legs and (c) the number of people you say good morning to and the ‘traffic’ on your way.

So, this morning, as I returned to my room from the second all-nighter I’ve pulled in two days, I faced a monumental decision at 8:02AM. To bunk, or not to bunk. First, my attendance flashed before my eyes, and second, the amount of work I had played back. On loop. The balance of convenience favoured the bunk, but I knew that I might experience some pain toward the semester end. I pulled out my ‘Attendance Tracker’ – a lame, colour coded Excel sheet I have, my time-table and I crunched the numbers. Bunking the next three days (a definite requirement) would mean I used up 5/12 of the ‘safe’ bunks I possess, and 5/20 of the ‘exempted’ bunks I have. Not bad, but not great.

It would leave me with a week for my off-days, to remain ‘safe’. Another quick input revealed that I would bunk only 1 class in my subjects, and I knew if I managed a proxy I’d be fine.

I looked at my watch. 8:06AM. I had to decide, it was now or never.

In an instant, I thought back to school. I’d never bunk school. And I’m really enjoying the classes this semester. So I should go.

And then I wore my hoodie, and just like the ‘inner me’ meme, I thought about the proxy I’d receive.

A message to my trusted ally in this task, a message to my friends, and I sat back on my bed, laptop on lap, mouse in hand, glasses on face to resume my work again.

The deed was done.

All in good time, too. Just as the clock struck 8:08AM. Phew.

In comparison to this lovely moment, I merely reflected upon less important things like my motivation at Law school. psh.

But, more about that tomorrow.


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