Quote of the day:

Is Globalization old? No, no! Globalization celebrates New Year everyday – it never goes out of style!  (Faculty discussing the ‘Globalization’ module of our course outline)

I woke up this morning to see Shrek in his boxers outside my door. Except that he was not Shrek. Appalled at how anyone could survive in just boxers in this horrific weather, and with hazy vision, I decided to comfort this being with a bear hug. I’m rather lucky that this was not a stranger, and that Sammy decided to wake me up this morning. Pakka would have lost attendance without him.

That’s how my day began. The prayers from last night worked, everyone! The washroom had hot water! And no insects! And it was clean! Triple success – I haven’t been this happy in some time.

Classes were rather uneventful, and witnessed only moments of drowsiness – which bodes well for the semester. Hopefully I’m able to keep this streak up for the next four months.

Today’s been really memorable because I bought stationery. It’s difficult to describe the feeling new stationery evokes: writing in a new notebook is like wrapping yourself with a really nice quilt, but not covering one foot with the quilt: there’s that sense of warmth, but I’m sure I’ll make a spelling error on the first page.

I also managed to convince my moot team-mates to work in my room this evening, which basically means we’re having a sleepover. With laptops, no sleep, and a lot of arguing. I think the best part of all of this is the drinks we have available. That’s right: Maaza, Frooti, Appy, and for the more-daring, Coca-Cola.

Hell yes, tonight is going to be a whirlwind of a party.



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