We’re all blessed to have another year on this wonderful Planet. I’m pretty excited for 2017 for a singular reason: I’ll be halfway through Law school by the end of the year.

I flew out to Ahmedabad on New Years’ Day. Traveling on 01.01 is not an experience I’m used to, but my general observation from the airport is that people are way nicer. I feel like the World would just be at peace if every day was the 1st of January – everyone making personal resolutions for themselves and wanting to start the year off on a positive note.

I mean, we boarded our flight and then found out we’d be delayed for 3 hours. Because of fog. And no one complained. Not a single person yelled at the cabin crew – which, for Indians and our flawed sense of urgency, is rather surprising. Moreover, the airline gave us complimentary food.

My year, therefore, started off with free food. And hence, I have nothing to complain about. I’ve come back to Gujarat and noticed a couple of changes on campus: our mess is now painted, which means my walls are no longer in greyscale, and they’ve installed some form of a roof outside the hostel. The paint is a welcome change. Adds some colour to this place – college seems to be taking ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ pretty seriously.

Not much else to write today.

Have a good year, folks!


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