Take Two

I’ve barely been back for a week, but college has given me so much already. Pardon me for attempting to sound busy (I mean, I’m free enough to write a blog post, so eh), but there’s a lot to do on campus. Even though the Internet is being mean. Our connection seems to fluctuate as much as I vacillate between the Cavin’s and the Danone chocolate milkshakes available from the vendors at mess and the MPS, both of whom know me now. Strange times these are. Just a couple of months ago, I was an unfamiliar face to everybody here – my roommate, the seniors on my floor, the laundry guys. And now they remember me. Or so I think.

I digress. There’s a bunch to do. When you’re not in classes (which now start at 9 AM, fitting perfectly well with my sleep cycle), or loafing around, you’ll find yourself in the Library. Not because you want to study, but because you need, desperately, the choice of 4 Wi-Fi connections – Awing_Admin, BWing, C_Wing and Library_DWing. All of which are pathetically slow at the moment. Although, I must say – the names of these connections (for techgeeks, SSID) make our campus sound incredibly fancy. It is. So are we, the inhabitants of said campus. No jokes.

The Library will make you want to work. There’s nothing to read pertaining to the subjects you have, because let’s face it, you won’t understand it anyway, so you’ll begin to surf the web. Till about 5 pm. That’s when there will be a mad influx of people. Mostly seniors, which will intimidate you, but not so much (because you have a little aukat now, being a semester old & whatnot). They will begin to work, with their fancy, fat, voluminous books. You will then call your moot partner, who is fast asleep, and grab a fancy, fat, voluminous book for yourself (which you will not understand), and begin to work on the intras.

This is of course, assuming you don’t have a moot. Congratulations to you, if you do. If you have one, you’ll be surrounded by fat, fancy books. These fancy books will be colourful if you’re doing an international moot. Publication houses seem to care a lot for appearance – most covers have a fun blend of colours. My CoCoSL is an indigo/light blue combination. It looks good, I must admit. This won’t change the fact that you don’t understand anything inside. However, you’ll be motivated and hence will read in the attempt to understand everything. If you don’t, you’ll read again. And then take a break to go get Danone milkshakes from the MPS because you’ve been promising bhai you’ll give him the normal profit of Rs. 25 (Eco students, see what I did there?)

Considering you’ve picked up a new Gujarati line courtesy that Gujju kid from Bangalore, bhai will be impressed too. Your stomach will rumble, and you’ll consider going for snacks, but the 500-meter walk to the mess will piss you off, so you’ll mentally put off food till dinner & head back to the library. Work will then proceed at a snail’s pace and as you come around to a couple of arguments that seem plausible, the Internet will fail you. At least the effort of opening Chrome (if you’re feeling fancy, Edge) will be rewarded by the opportunity to play the Dinosaur game.

Once you fail at beating that high score your friend has set, you’ll look at the clock and feel hungry. Dinner will follow. Dinner will be amazing and satisfy every North Indian food craving you didn’t ever have. You will feel like dancing in a fountain of the boondi raitha. Till you remember you don’t dance.

Coming back to your room, you’ll remember you had bronchitis during the end-semesters and you have your “repeat” (even though they’re not repeats) exams. You will then stop loafing and begin to study. Largely because you realize it is a massive opportunity to pull up a decent percentage to a good percentage. Even if you don’t believe in the numbers, you’re here for 10 semesters. They’ll haunt you for a while, so you might as well do well, right? At least, that’s what you’ll tell yourself.

You will then call your family and tell them how awesome college is. And professors are. And how enthusiastic you are. Because you are. Overly enthu. You’re an enthu cutlet coated with Amul butter. That’s the only way to describe you, you Bengaluru lad in Gujarat. Your seniors will look at you and feel all nostalgic because they were once as enthu as you. You’ll look at them and take a mental note to remain enthu till 5th year. You will also remember to do little jugaad for books. And succeed. Partially. At least you have books now. Be content.

And then you’ll blog. To tell the world about your life. Which you think is sophisticated & busy, but it really isn’t. Fun times.

As you sleep, you’ll think about the trials tomorrow will bring. Will I get a stall that looks clean to take a dump in? Will my bucket-bath (not shower) stall have hot water? What’s for lunch? Can I go to Infocity?



2 thoughts on “Take Two”

    1. You flatter me too much & I am truly grateful that you’ve read these posts. Also, your sense of being politically correct is on point! University it is.


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