MT Week 2: Day 2

My interactive session this morning was at 9AM. It’s rather tough to wake up and feel active enough to attend a 9AM interactive session, which by it’s very nature demands some amount of participation. I’d like to think I’m slowly getting the hang of it. My preparation routine extends to ensuring I’m doing something that requires my brain to rotate its gears until the session begins. A warm-up of the mind to ensure it is at its spongiest to soak in whatever happens till 10:30.

The rest of the day is free, and that’s a dangerous thing because it is very tempting to Netflix away. Without any external accountability mechanisms, and having spent six months doing things exactly like that, the last two weeks have been interesting in terms of recalibration. Today I’m pleased to say I was successful in studying for tomorrow’s International Environmental Law class, and in taking some work-related calls.

Seeing how I was largely at home through most of the day, I decided to take a walk into town in the evening – just to get some fresh air. It’s such a delight to live in a place where town isn’t too far off, about a 20 minute walk. That distance is the right amount to feel active, or that you’ve done some activity, on days where you can’t manage much else. One of the things I need to do over the course of this week is to find a physical activity routine. Unlike my reading lists, which largely get done between Thursday and Sunday, I can’t just ignore my physical well-being between Monday and Wednesday. It’s difficult to will the body into a run sometimes, so perhaps a combination of some running and some cycling will do the trick. The weather forecast anticipates that it will rain all through the rest of this week, and I’m curious to examine how that impacts my mood as well.

Late evening brought with it some spiritual meditation and reflection, and in the night, following on from a Manchester United win in the UEFA Champions League, I looked at some treaties, and fell asleep.

Let me know what you think!

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