GloPoWriMo 2020: 15/30

Today’s prompt asks me to write a poem that is inspired by my favourite type of music. The good folk over at NaPoWriMo deserve a commendation for the prompts they come up with year on year. They’re always so educational in the manner they phrase the prompt – and all the resources are absolutely lovely.

Da Ba Dee

If you asked me any time till University,
What my favourite genre of music would be,
I would reply techno, or house, or electronica,
Linking you to Blue (Da Ba Dee),

It was dance music I loved while I sat, working,
They never made me dance, but they sent my brain whirring,
There was something about the consistent rhythm, the mixing, the bass,
It never felt understated, the melody shone through in your face.

Yet over the last few years, I have found,
Music is everywhere, and there are melodies abound,
All that is necessary is to search in the right place,
To ask the right people, who can put you through to analogue tunes –
Aside from things made on a digital interface.

That opened my mind up, and I’ve heard so much since then –
No longer do I have a favourite genre, but music for moods,
Whether intense, relaxed, or just zen, and
Although that has changed my preferences, if you stop and ask me,
What’s your favourite song?
I’ll still reply “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”


Let me know what you think!

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