GloPoWriMo 2020: 11/30

I love today’s prompt. It takes inspiration from the language of flowers, and even gives me the freedom to consider making up my own meanings.


Every Valentines’ Day, my father buys a bouquet of flowers for my mother,
They’re always bright and colourful,
Hues of yellow, orange, and pink,
It is clear he understands romance,
Is trained in floriography, for he buys flowers that clearly communicate
If you ask me to buy you plants, or flowers,
I am not sure I will make a sprightly, colourful bouquet,
I will buy you a solitary cactus,
It is low-maintenance, so will bear with your memory,
It will remind you to drink water regularly,
More importantly,
It will endure,
As Shams Tabrizi said,
I hope it gives you the patience to look at the thorn,
And see the rose, for
That is what I see in myself, and see in you.


Let me know what you think!

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