Think Week

As you may have noticed if you follow the blog, there were no posts for the past week. This isn’t because I ran out of things to share. Quite the opposite, given that the last week saw several happenings in my life. I decided not to write for a week to take some time to think, to read & relax, and put all these thoughts I was having about several things into some form. I’m waiting for some decisions that affect how I spend the better part of my 2020-21, which was causing me to build up several nerves, and I didn’t really feel like pouring my energy into writing in the time period. Given that writing is a part of every single evening, not having to type up blog posts or share everything going through my head was a big break from routine, a break that had a spillover effect on other parts of my routine too. That’s allowed me to reflect and shake up a couple of things I was displeased with, and prioritize things I was comfortable with and would like to focus more time on – things I’m very grateful for.

This think week felt a lot like a quarterly review, essentially.

Things around me are changing fairly rapidly, what with COVID-19 and coronavirus requiring everyone’s attention and concern, and a slew of misinformation that needs to be waded through to figure out how best to be safe. Classes have been suspended for two weeks, and it looks likely that our living quarters and mess facilities will also be shutting down soon. I’m likely to figure out things one day at a time. Since this is our last semester, several decisions being made are being questioned by me on the basis of emotion alone, but I’ve got to keep logic front and center here. It’s pretty worrying how unprepared we are as a global community for something of this scale.


Let me know what you think!

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