Not Done Yet

Ever so often, for all of the freedoms that final year gives us – there are some consistent reminders that we aren’t done yet. That we’re close to finishing this entire journey that we started, but that there’s so much to go before we conclude that journey – close this chapter, so to speak. This past week seemed to have given us too many reminders of that – and this upcoming week appears to be doing that too. I’m not a fan of that.

Last week we sat for 4 hours of class every single day. Our timetables are super flexible, given that everyone is in-house faculty, and that we – for the most part at least, stay on campus. That means that every evening, or even just a few minutes before class starts, you can be intimated of a timetable change. For the most part, in the last week, we got intimations around 8pm the previous day. However, there was this one day that I was particularly excited to have some relief from the boring mood 4 hours of class put me in – and I was on my way to eat breakfast in the mess when I discovered that class had in fact been moved around to accommodate 4 hours.

This week features submissions: the first of this semester – and most certainly, not the last. We’re getting reminder e-mails about deadlines (and multiple reminder e-mails). Faculty are changing instructions in some subjects at the last minute. It’s all the usual stuff I’ve grown to expect from University as a result of the last 4 years. Just a little unfortunate to be experiencing it again. I’m definitely going to celebrate the final set of submissions I put through on this campus. If nothing, with a milkshake at least.

I’m definitely more jaded and tired this week (on a comparison to last week). I feel like sleeping more – and I can afford to indulge myself in it, but it feels really boring to sleep through when I can be doing so much more.

Like, write.


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