Lapel Pins

This evening, my friend and I struggled to figure out how to unpin a flower lapel pin that he wished to wear on his suit. We twisted, we pulled, rotated, watched YouTube videos, and it took 20 minutes for us to realize we could go to the website of the lapel pin manufacturer and figure out if there was a guide, or anything helpful really – to help us sort through this mess.

Naturally, we got around to chatting with a chatbot. We typed in “the lapel pin won’t unpin”, and then got transferred to a human operator – to whom we sent a photograph of the product, and got more instructions about how exactly we should be holding the lapel pin in order to successfully unscrew it.

It took us a good half an hour.

First, I would never have thought that lapel pin manufacturers would have a chatbot/human operator providing instant support over the internet. Second, that feeling of accomplishment at the end of this experience is something I want to mimic in every avenue of my life henceforth.

That is all for today.


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