I’ve been thinking about returning to campus for a while. I’m not sure how I feel about it at the moment, so I’m hoping that this entire essay I end up typing out will become about my feelings. I can’t promise you anything though.

This is the last time I have to go back to Gandhinagar for the start of a semester. I’m sure I’ll visit Gandhinagar in the future. I have no doubt about that. But its the last time I need to go say “wow, a new semester at GNLU”. It’s the last few months of “oh, I’m studying for my undergraduate degree in Law”. That’s weird. It’s weird to think that these are phrases I won’t recycle when May comes around. It’s odd to think that my “growing up” has reached some stage of finality. I’ve learned so much. Especially in the last few months.

Returning is defined as “coming or going back to a place or person”. I didn’t expect to see person included on that definition – it’s caught me a little off guard. In a sense though, I am going back to people. My roommate, my neighbours, my batchmates, my juniors, my friends. There are categories and swathes of people with whom my relationship is defined by our interactions on this campus. Come May, it appears as though that relationship will change forever, if it hasn’t already.

I think it’s best to figure out these feelings as time passes by.

Let me know what you think!

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