2019: Three Hundred and Fifty Five

Recently I’ve been wondering whether the purpose of this daily blog satisfied its intent. I started it with the notion that I’d be able to type out thoughts and share them into the void on a daily basis, but very often I found myself not being in a mood to write – or putting off uploading. More recently when I was figuring things out for myself and I wasn’t in a position to share anything, I moved along to sharing clips or media from the internet. Ultimately I realized that I wanted to keep content-sharing separate from the blog, which led to the creation of the newsletter. But in any case, the redundant posting continued. Like the 353 and 354 posts. They’re basically just twitter threads. I don’t think, looking back, that they’re “worthy” of blogpost material. Nonetheless, they are a creation I’ve typed out on a given day – an exact account of my thoughts at a particular moment in time. To that end, I think it’s fair to draw a conclusion that the blog became a log – a record of things I felt deserved to be said and memorialized on this digital platform. It stopped, however, being an expression of the craft of writing, something I was desirous and serious about pursuing. It’s probably high time it goes back to that.


Let me know what you think!

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